Romance by Elinor Groves



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Annie Bloom runs the newest branch of Rendezvous, an exclusive luxury resort for the immortal fey, and arranges a gala soireé to celebrate its anniversary. Just as a committee from the Board of Directors arrives to evaluate her work, she is surprised by a marriage proposal from her very mortal lover, Sean, who maintains the elegant gardens at Rendezvous.

Juggling the soireé, the committee, a flying horse that wants to eat her garden, several hundred pixies, and an old nemesis, she doesn’t have time for proposals. Then another fey, newly arrived, takes a disturbing interest in Sean. Annie is distraught: should she let Sean go now for his own good, or risk breaking both their hearts later on when he grows old and she remains eternally young?

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Santa Fe Fandango

ebook $4.99

Matti Glover is thrilled to learn that hot Hollywood heartthrob Antonio Reed is not only filming a movie in Santa Fe, but staying in the exclusive complex where she’s housesitting. She rescues him from a busload of teenage girls, and grateful and intrigued, he asks her for a date.

Matti’s caught up in a Cinderella dream come true—until midnight hits and it’s pumpkin time.

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