Blood of the Kindred series

by Pati Nagle


Blood of the Kindred

(Blood of the Kindred, Book 1)
ebook $5.99
paperback $16.99

The immortal ælven were forever divided when one clan began a forbidden practice: the drinking of blood.

Clan Darkshore was cast out of the ælven, named “alben,” and driven west of the mountains into exile, their protests—that they must drink blood or perish—ignored. Centuries later, Darkshore’s leader, Shalár, burns with anger at the memory of the war against her clan, and weaves a plan to reclaim her former home and make the ælven accept the truth about her people.

East of the mountains, a young ælven, Eliani, takes up the sword after her lover betrays her. She has no use for the elegant, much-admired Turisan, heir to the governor of a neighboring realm, but when they find evidence that the alben may again be hunting in ælven realms, they become uneasy allies.

With the threat of the alben’s return driving the ælven to prepare for war, Eliani and Turisan discover that they share mindspeech. This rare gift could be the salvation of their people—if Turisan can persuade Eliani to permit the intimacy of his mental touch.

Originally published as The Betrayal by Del Rey Books

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Heart of the Exiled

(Blood of the Kindred, Book 2)
ebook $5.99

The saga of the ælven continues.

As Eliani races north to find the missing ælven governor of Fireshore, her mindspeech partner Turisan and the Southfæld Guard prepare for war with the savage kobalen at Midrange. Neither knows that they face a greater danger— the outcast Shalár is leading an army toward Ghlanhras, seeking to retake the realm that was once her home: Fireshore.

Paperback edition coming in 2021

Originally published by Del Rey Books

Swords Over Fireshore

(Blood of the Kindred, Book 3)
ebook $4.99

The tale of the ælven’s struggle against their kindred foes, the vampiric alben, continues…

Eliani and Turisan yearn to be reunited as they aid in the fight to hold onto Fireshore. The capital city of that realm has been captured by the alben leader, Shalár, and along with it, Fireshore’s governor and Eliani’s beloved cousin!

Shalár now has her eye on Woodrun, the center of Fireshore’s darkwood production. As Turisan races to bring an army to Woodrun’s defense, Eliani must rescue the captives from Shalár’s toils. Hiding from alben pursuers in the darkwood forest, she encounters a group of exiles, the Lost, who suffer the alben’s curse of bloodthirst but strive to follow the ælven creed.

Are the Lost enemies or friends? Ælven or alben? The distinctions blur as the ælven approach a conflict that could destroy their hope of holding Fireshore.

New edition coming in 2020

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