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GALVESTON (The Far Western Civil War, Book 3)
P.G. Nagle
ebook        $  5.99                                ISBN   978 1 61138 021 7

Jamie Russell, now a Confederate war hero, returns home to his family in Texas. Jamie's sister Emma has been shattered by the death of her true love at Valverde. Worried about her, their parents convince Jamie to escort Emma to visit her aunt in Galveston.

Jamie soon discovers that Galveston is vulnerable to a Union attack. He returns to his unit and begs Confederate officers to strengthen Galveston's defenses. Meanwhile Union warships arrive in Galveston Bay, taking it for the Federals and confirming Jamie's worst fears. Now Jamie must travel back to Galveston in a secret Confederate operation to reclaim the city and rescue his family.

Print edition coming in 2014!