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GLORIETA PASS (The Far Western Civil War, Book 1)
P.G. Nagle
ebook        $  5.99                                        ISBN 978 1 61138 020 0
trade pb    $16.99                                        ISBN 978 1 61138 049 1
412 pages

In 1861, New Mexico Territory is swept by change as the United States erupts in civil war. Federal troops are recalled to the east, leaving the way open for Confederates to invade New Mexico and capture its resources on the way to the ultimate prize: Colorado gold!
Three young people are caught up in the conflict: Alastar O'Brien, a Colorado miner turned soldier; Laura Howland, a young lady from Boston, recently orphaned; and Jamie Russell, a shop clerk from Texas serving as a quartermaster. The maelstrom of war brings them together in a clash of ambition, patriotism, and the simple need to survive.

"This engrossing debut...evokes memorable protagonists, vivid landscapes and high suspense, not only in the gut-wrenching action but in the relationships between her characters."
              ―Publishers Weekly
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